7 Steps to a Joy-Filled Cosmic Classroom

Using Maria Montessori's Wisdom to Guide Children at School or at Home

What can I do to release the overwhelm and bring more joy into my teaching?

Take these steps to transform how you apply Montessori principles so your students have more fun, engagement and academic success, while you experience classroom of your dreams!

In this course you will refresh your understanding of Montessori’s vision for a new form of education, while taking into account the 21st century expectations that impact your teaching and your students’ learning.

Your Instructor

Claudia Mann
Claudia Mann

Hi! I’m Claudia Mann. I believe teachers are under a tremendous amount of pressure to perform within a system that I believe is mostly broken. Through my 25+ years in the classroom, I know there is another way…in my opinion, a BETTER way, to prime students for their future, prepared with critical thinking skills, curiosity, and tools for successful learning.

Step 1: Gathering the Knowledge You Need

In this unit, you'll investigate the critical information that will allow you to connect with all the individuals who are looking to you to guide the students to success.

Step 2: Preparing a Strong Start and Solid Foundation

This unit focuses on deciding what matters, understanding all the expectations, and preparing each part of the Montessori Triad for success: the Child, the Environment and the Adult.

Step 3: Focus on Student Engagement

In this unit, you will develop frameworks for incorporating the Cosmic Vision of Interdependence and Integration of Skills so the students' passion drives their skill development.

Now that you’ve teased out your priorities based on a new awareness of the task at hand, you will use your personal passions to drive your area of curriculum focus. You will revisit the expectations to connect them to your passion so that the learning is meaningful, purposeful, and fun-filled.

Step 4: Using the Human Tendencies to Deepen the Experience

This unit focuses on developing your own Frameworks for activating the Human Tendencies to naturally motivate and enhance your students learning for mastery.

Step 5: Refinement

This unit is all about assessment…but not test-taking! You will be guided through a variety of ways to authentically assess the growth and development of your students in academics, social-emotional, and active-learning skills, along with ways to share the assessments with all the stakeholders that care about the progress of your students.

Step 6: Demonstration of Learning

In this unit you'll evaluate different ways to encourage students' critical thinking as they design and validate their learning.

Step 7: Celebrations and Reflections

It's important in the learning process for students and guides to acknowledge progress...even the small steps. In this unit, you'll develop several frameworks for different types of celebratory activities that will keep your students feeling motivated. You'll also work on Frameworks for guiding student reflection and charting the next frontier in their learning journey.

Bonus: The Spiral of Learning

This bonus unit gives you an opportunity to look at the spiral curriculum, the spiral nature of learning, and how you can use the 7 steps to continuously develop and enhance your practice and your students' experience of learning.

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